Non-Digital Advertising Avenues

on-digital ad

Print Advertising

If you need to distribute flyers and/or posters, contact the appropriate unit(s) associated with the audience you would like to reach. 

Follow Housing’s policies and guidelines to distribute flyers in residence halls.

Reference the Student Center’s policies and guidelines for posting flyers in Student Center buildings. 

Out of the Box Advertising

Follow the Student Center’s terms and conditions and requirements for creating and dropping off banners to be hung in Student Center buildings.

  1. Log on to Blackboard
  2. Click “Organizations” link on the left side-menu
  3. Click “UL”
  4. Click “George Mason Statue Decorating?” link on the left side-menu
  • The paint cart is stored in the Student Involvement office and will be available for use during SI office hours. The cart must be returned before the office closes.
  • No reservation policy: first-come-first-served for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and Mason units.
  • Walls can be painted over after the event it is advertising has passed.