UL Marketing Request Requirements

All marketing request submissions must follow UL MarCom submission requirements: 

  • All Marketing requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the need by date.  
    • Event requests: Unit need by dates should allow for at least 1-2 weeks promotional visibility for increased success. (Be sure to include your timeframe for printing as well!)
    • While 2 weeks is our minimum requirement for submission, please review our timeline outcomes below for a more in-depth understanding of what you can expect given your request submission timeline.  
  • Marketing requests must be submitted with all necessary details to allow completion.  
  • Marketing deliverables must be reviewed for content accuracy by requesters in a timely manner. 

Timeline Outcomes 

While we are huge advocates for planning ahead and receiving requests as early as possible, we recognize it may not always be feasible to submit Marketing Requests 2 weeks in advance.

With that in mind we have the following Outcome Structure in place to provide further details on how we can support marketing requests, which also highlights the benefits of submitting marketing requests as early as possible.

Outcome Structure: 

  • Submitted 6+ weeks in advance: You will receive a full project design for request. 
  • Submitted less than four weeks in advance: You will receive an update of a previous design, or our team will use a template for request. (Unless time and projects permit.) 
  • Submitted less than two weeks in advance: Receive whatever materials time will allow for. 
    • For event-based requests, if this does not allow for 1 – 2 weeks’ visibility of your event, it is a high probability that the event will have a low turnout due to insufficient promotional visibility. 
  • Less than one week: This will need to be discussed with the UL MarCom Director/ Associate Director directly. 
    • If it is not an event specific request, but an infographic, brochure, etc., we may be able to use a template. Requests such as these must be discussed with ULSS MarComm staff. 

Certain exceptions may occur. Please reach out to the UL MarCom Director/ Associate Director to discuss options after submitting request. 

For more information on why it is important to submit marketing requests as soon as possible, please review a few of our sample timelines below.

Sample Timelines

From discovery meetings to draft creation, reviews, revisions and more – creativity and design takes time! Help us serve your needs better by planning ahead as much as possible. 

  • Request Submission: Day 1 
  • Draft Creation: 2 weeks minimum 
  • Draft Review & Revision: 2 weeks 
    • Draft Review: 3 days
      • Edits Round 1: 3 days  
    • Draft Review – 4 days  
      • Edits Round 2: 4 days  
  • Final Draft Review & Approval: 1 – 3 days 
  • Promotional Period: 2 weeks 

Complete Timeline: 6+ weeks

  • Script Writing & Review: 3-5 days  
  • Reserve Filming Locations: 2-4 days 
  • Schedule Filming Dates With Staff: 2- 4 days  
  • Filming: 1- 3 weeks
    • (Depending on availability of locations, film crew, actors and more.) 
  • Editing & Draft Creation:1-3 weeks 
  • Draft Review: 1-2 days  
  • Draft Revisions: 1-3 days 
  • Final Review: 1-2 days   

Complete Timeline: 3 – 9+ weeks 

  • Request Submission: Day 1 
  • Assignment to Graphic Designer: 3 – 7 days  
  • Draft Creation: 2 weeks 
  • Review & Revision: 2 weeks
    • Draft Review: 3 days
      • Edits Round 1: 3 days  
    • Draft Review: 4 days 
      • Edits Round 2: 4 days 
  • Design Review & Final Approval: 3 days  
  • Print and shipping: (2 – 4 weeks) 
Total Time: 7 + weeks 
  • Request Submission: Day 1
  • Discovery Meeting: Week 1
  • Draft Creation: 4 weeks
  • Concurrently: Content Development or Review, 4 weeks)
  • Review & Revision: 4 weeks
  • Design Review & Final Approval: 3 days
  • Content Migration: 1 week
  • Launch: 3 days

Total Time: 10 + weeks