Submit Content for the Mason Rundown

The Mason Rundown is a monthly newsletter sent to all of Mason’s first-year students. It is designed to provide students with information and reminders to help them navigate their first year at Mason. We are collecting feedback to ensure this newsletter meets the needs of all first-year students.
Please visit the Mason Rundown Archives to view past issues of the Mason Rundown.
Notes for submission:
  • All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated for inclusion in the Mason Rundown.
  • A submission does not guarantee inclusion. Submissions that are not included will be considered for other communication channels.  — All text is subject to editing to ensure clarity and consistency throughout the publication. 
  • This newsletter is designed to serve ALL student types in their first year at Mason to the degree possible. Some more tailored information may be included when especially impactful or relevant. 
You can contact Teron Buffington ( with questions or concerns about newsletter content.