Request Marketing Project

Requirements for Submitting Marketing Requests

  • Ideas, visions, and examples/inspirations for the final deliverable but please note that if what is submitted doesn’t align with branding guidelines, then the Marketing team will not be able to use your suggestions.
  • Description of event or service (help us understand what we’re marketing and the value proposition for students).
  • Theme of the event, service, etc.
  • Provide the logistical information that needs to be included in the design such as:
    • Dates
    • Time
    • Location
    • Registration information
  • Marketing channels: identify the dimensions and file type(s) needed for the final deliverable(s). If you are unsure, please explain where the content will be posted.
  • Bullet points of important statements for designers to work off of, including key words to include.
  • It is best practice to post/advertise an event or service, at minimum, one week prior and the day before the event
    We advise planning accordingly and submitting your marketing request 2-4 weeks prior to the actual content/event/service to maximize engagement and participation
  • Remember to account for the production time you need for print collateral and branded goods
    ULife Marketing’s timeframes do not account for vendor identification, price negotiation, substrate exploration, production/print, and delivery
  • These timeframes begin AFTER the project kick-off meeting and are based on the assumption that units provide ALL required information before or during the kick-off meeting.
    • The “timer” begins once the requester signs off on the project scope summary
    • Units MUST provide the ULife Marketing team with ALL FINALIZED copy in a timely fashion; if the finalized copy is not provided, last minute alterations are not guaranteed
  • Quick review/feedback to the designers may expedite your process
    Units that do not provide feedback within the agreed upon timeframe will cause their projects to be put on hold and the final deliverable time will be impacted 
  • Days = business days; doesn’t account for weekends or holidays.
  • A third round of edits will only occur if the revision is a result of a marketing team oversight.

ULife Marketing Request Form